Some female travel inspiration

As a solo female traveler I often thank my lucky star for being born in a part of the world where women have been given a fairly big amount of freedom, compared to the majority of places on this planet. The freedom to work and earn my own money, the freedom to study, not to mention the basic freedom to move around, accompanied by none but myself, on any vehicle of choice. The effing freedom to travel. I can barley picture a life without it.

To highlight the fact that this lack of freedom is still reality for millions of people, because they weren’t born with something hanging between their legs; here’s an article about a badass lady who went to Afghanistan to travel on a mountainbike. “What’s so badass about that?” you might think. Eh well, as obsurd as it might sound, in Afghanistan this is still not allowed. For women.

Panjshir-Valley-Afghanistan-Matador-SEO-8As you might figure I was not there with her to snap this shot –> Photo property belongs to Shannon Galpin.

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