Decent dose of drama in Panama City

After five days of sailing the Caribbean Sea from Colombia I had made it to the capital of Panama. In the end I didn’t spend more than two days in the city. That, however, turned out to be enough time for the following.

  • Stumble upon the head of Albert Einstein in a bush
  • Meet the Brazilian guy who made two months of traveling around Europe financially possible by sleeping only on park benches and in public restrooms
  • Check out the Panama Canal
  • Manage to enter one of the fanciest night clubs in my trashiest clothes
  • Get arrested by the police
  • Deal with a Venezuelan psycho bitch DJ
  • Get locked out at 5am in the morning
  • Score a mansion including king sized bed and roof top swimming pool for no one but myself at the 52nd floor, for free.

Sigh. A perfect mix of drama, fun, weirdness and excitement. With that in mind I packed my backpack for the 532nd time, jumped onto a bus and took off for new horizons.

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