Happily Stranded on Iceland

On my last attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean around midsummer, the employees at the airline company I was supposed to fly with decided it was time to strike for better working conditions. Fair enough, but when I got these news I was greatly looking forward to be back in Canada two days later, so I freaked out a little.

However, flexible as I am most of the time it turned out that they could reschedule me to fly out that same evening, “but unfortunately”, as they put it, I would have to spend two nights in Reykjavik before I could continue on to Vancouver. Unfortunately my ass, I was beyond excited and told them to reschedule me right away. A free trip to Iceland!!!!!

The two days that followed I got to experience the night life scene of the capital, hitchhike the entire Golden Circle, feel the heat in one of many geothermal hot springs and generally fall in love in this rather small but highly fascinating and friendly nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So wild and untamed…

Sure thing is, I will be back for way longer next time.

6 comments on “Happily Stranded on Iceland

  1. Tremendous country!! One of my all time favorite trips. Three months. 90% of the time camping. Public transport, mostly. My own favorite area was probably the Westfjords. Took a ferry from Isafjordur. The captain asks where you want to go. You get there, then he calls up into the pilothouse, asks you twice where and when you want to picked up. They open the transom, pull a small inflatable boat out, take you to shore, then carry on with their stops. No roads out there. The boat (and your own legs) the only way to get out if you want. Filled with many abandoned old farms. Found an old WW2 radio station on top of the tallest peak there. The interior rocks too. And the Westmann Islands . . . and then, took a boat from Seydisfjordur to Esbjerg, Denmark. Yeah . . . Go! :)

  2. What an “unfortunate” situation indeed! ha! That’s the best kind of misfortune. Looks like you had an incredible time! I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland for a long time; it looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!

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