My Story

I was born in the far-away lands of subarctic Scandinavia on a Thursday in September, back when internet barely existed and cell phones were as big as building bricks. An old lady once told my mum that as a Thursday kid I would turn out to become a wanderer, according to old folk beliefs. She never stuck around long IMG_8755_2x - Kopia - Kopiaenough to be able to see how right she was, but my veins early showed signs of being loaded with wanderlust.

Later in life I picked up a camera and soon discovered traveling, adventure and photography are my greatest passions in life, especially combined. I love to tell stories and to capture the charm and beauty in every place I go. That is basically what this blog is about.

The world through my aperture.

In 2012 I bought a one way ticket to Peru without much of a plan. Since then I’ve turned photography into my profession, won a prestigious global photography award, been published and featured in various magazines and online platforms including The Guardian, BBC, The Globe and Mail and the NZ Climber, and have had my work exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society in London. The lesson I’ve learnt along the way? Dare to dream to the point that your dreams scare you, otherwise they aren’t big enough.

Regardless of how you found me, whether you know me from before or not, feel free to join the ride. Leaving a trace or two in the process will put a smile upon my face.

Currently based in Chamonix, France but available for assignments worldwide. If you’re in the area, say hello!


Ski touring in the French Alps. Photo: Johan Danestig.


23 comments on “My Story

    • I’d freakin’ love to go to Alaska, Mike!! Planning on being in western Canada next spring and if some kind soul would pick me up on the road heading that direction you might hear from me. Thanks for all the liking!

      • You’re welcome. I look forward to reading about your journey. You will get rides in Canada no problem. Alaska is not as easy as it used to be but generally the long distance drivers pick up up and drop you where you are heading. Safe travels always!

    • A lot of determination to save up money before you leave. It’s about cutting out unnecessary expences and then live simple while you’re on the road. Eat street food, hitch hike, sleep in hammocks or on couches, and be open to people’s hospitality and goodwill. There are also plenty of hostels, farms and organisations out there that offer free food and accomodation for a few hours of work a day. Travelling really doesn’t have to be that expensive as most people seem to believe, if you’re willing to give up material luxury and high levels of convenience. Travel shouldn’t be about that anyway, in my opinion.

    • Once again, thank you Brigid! I started off with a basic Canon Eos 1000d, with which I’ve been taking most of my photographs so far. Then got myself a Canon Eos 550d just before this trip. That one sadly got stolen a few weeks ago and I’m now shooting with a 600d, but none of those photographs have been published here yet. Will soon though : )

  1. Sorry to hear about your camera. Your pictures are amazing! You are in such beautiful places that the kind of camera probably doesn’t even matter. The pictures are going to come out beautiful no matter what :)
    I look forward to following your adventures! I finished my travels recently …I don’t know when would be the next time I will get to go on a long trip but I hope to experience it again through your blog. Safe travels!

    Thanks for liking my post on my blog,

    All the best!

    • Thank you! People like u give me hope, the kind of people that, after realizing they’re not living the life they really want, dare to break free to truly follow their desires. I saw that you spend some time in NZ. Lucky you! Bet u had a blast. That is one of my favourite places on earth. I hope you will be able to go away again soon!

      • Thank you for the kind words! It is definitely hard to break away from the traditional but once you do it, it gives you courage to do other things that would have scared you earlier :)
        NZ is one of my favorite countries..landscape, people, food, wine..everything is great!
        Happy Travels!

  2. Hi Sara, nice to meet you. I’ve been travelling all over your fabulous blog. So many posts I wanted to hit ‘like’ but the ‘like’ button is not loading (slow internet) so I couldn’t. But what I love even more is your sense of freedom, your sense of adventure, and your fearlessness. The way you travel is inspiring. I loved the story of how you hooked up with the family in Villa de Leyva and I agree people are amazingly kind, welcoming and friendly wherever you go.
    Thanks for visiting our blog and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our adventures, both internal and external.
    Happy travels
    PS Don’s son and his wife and family live in Sweden – in Falerum near Linköping so we’ve been there many times.

    • What a lovely thing to read. Thank you Alison, you’re an inspiration yourself. You two remind me of this retired couple that I met in a mountain village in Panama last spring, all happy and liberated, living that free life on the road. Wishing you a wonderful year, filled with more discoveries of all the greatness travel has to offer. Namaste

  3. Just discovered your blog and I love it <3
    But I have a question that has kept me from travelling for some time: How do you avoid flights/ aim for a low carbon footprint?

    • Hey! Happy you found it! :) I try to limit my traveling to one long distance flight a year and just stay away for six months or longer rather than flying back and forth and all over the place. It’s trickier for my work trips but one thing I do in an attempt to lower my footprint is to compensate by planting trees.

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