A Tribute To A Burning Man

To all my friends and fellow burners on the Playa, today I so wish I was there!!

The Black Rock City, that one spot in a flat desert that tranforms into the third biggest city in Nevada for one week every year.

Of all the mind-blowing places and experiences I’ve come across on my wanders, Burning Man stands out almost to the extreme. I cannot with words describe what that week did to me emotionally. That atmosphere. That energy. The scenes. The PEOPLE! Madness at its finest.

Can’t wait til next time.


Rock Climbing Under A Spanish Sky

Back to civilization after spending one magical week in El Chorro, one of Spain’s and southern Europe’s biggest rock climbing meccas. Great people, good food, amazing views and some fantastic climbing. Pushed myself into new levels and can’t wait till the next time I’ll be fighting gravity in great company, wherever that’ll be. I’ll let this photo of my temporary casa for the week sum it all up.

El Chorro

Love Letter to The Road

And so it happens again. One year has ended to leave room for the brand new one ahead of us.

2014. Like a blank piece of paper, waiting to be filled out.

I feel a shit load of gratitude when I look back and realize I got to spend 10 out of those 12 months last year in the happiest place I know. The Road.

That thrill in having no real clue about where I’ll end up tomorrow, who I’ll encounter or where I’ll sleep… The simplicity in living with no more belongings than I can easily carry… The joy in having an endlessly changing horizon and being accompanied by the feeling of complete fucking freedom. That’s what keeps me in motion. High on life.

Once again, it made me a billion new experiences richer and taught me lessons no university in the world would ever be able to. I got to withness enchanting sceneries that repeatedly blew my mind and I came across countless of beautiful, crazy, inspiring souls with whom I created the moments that shaped my journey into what it became.

Finacially, I might have been poorer than ever in my life upon returning home, yet I was rich beyond my imagination. Because that’s the beautiful thing with traveling – counted in priceless memories, you will always be a millionare.


Hope your 2013 has been magic too. Now time to start fill out that new piece of paper. Whatever aims and dreams you have, never forget that the pen is in your hand.

Happy New Year.

Crazy, beautiful people

While traveling I get the über awesome privilige to meet so many beautiful, interesting, inspirational souls that I otherwise most likely never would have crossed paths with. Like last month, when I was spending a few days living in a tree house in Nicaragua (true story) and randomly bumped into Matthew – A hilarious free spirit full of happiness who got sick of the hamster wheel in New York and took off to Cental America without much of a plan. Read his blog, as I said – he’s hilarious, and hell of a lot better than me when it comes to updating: