10 Interesting Items I’ve Come Across on Random Beaches

Ok, let’s face it. I’m basically from the North Pole so what’s exotic from my perspective might not necessarily be as fascinating to everybody else. However, here’s a short collection of some of the noteworthy shit I’ve found on different beaches around the world.

1. Green shells, Nicaragua. Pretty exotic!! Never on my previous voyages can I recall stumbling upon shells with this particular color. Where I’m from we can’t find many shells at all. Mostly because the ice never really melts to allow us to go look for them…


2. Dophins, Western Australia. Pretty damn awesome.


3. Turtle babies, Sri Lanka. While having a late night dinner on the beach with two Serbian buddies, hundreds of tiny turtles decided it was time to leave their hidden nest a few foot steps away from our table and go check out the Indian Ocean.


4. Stranded tree, Sri Lanka. ???


5. Hippo sculls, Ocavango Delta, Botswana. (Fucking poachers!!)


6. Stranded fish with human teeth, Costa Rica. I managed to save it and happily watched it swim out in the ocean again, unaware that my iPod had escaped from my pocket in the rescue process trying to do the same.


7. Stranded blow fish, Mexico. Cute as hell but beyond rescue. Sad face.


8. Red crabs in any shape and size excite the shit out of me. It has happened in Ecuador and South Africa among other places.

IMG_2859x 26074_370572324950_5526533_n

9. Message in a bottle, Mexico. According to given coordinates it had been drifting for more than 4000 km before ending up right here, on a more hard-to-get-to corner of the otherwise highly touristy beach in Tulum. Felt like a 5-year old on a successful treasure hunt.

IMG_2706 IMG_2720

10. Fisher men on sticks, Sri Lanka. Where I’m from we fish from a hole in the ice. The End.