For The Love Of Street Food

Some people fear it, I love it. If the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, I’ve got my heart split between hundreds of street vendors in random town squares, city streets and side alleys all over the globe by now.

León, Nicaragua.

I love street food. The best way to experience the true flavours of each corner of the world.jpg

Crazy, beautiful people

While traveling I get the über awesome privilige to meet so many beautiful, interesting, inspirational souls that I otherwise most likely never would have crossed paths with. Like last month, when I was spending a few days living in a tree house in Nicaragua (true story) and randomly bumped into Matthew – A hilarious free spirit full of happiness who got sick of the hamster wheel in New York and took off to Cental America without much of a plan. Read his blog, as I said – he’s hilarious, and hell of a lot better than me when it comes to updating: