Me Versus the Universe

Spending one night simply observing the Milkyway while your camera is processing one long exposure shot after the other, certainly leaves room for many interesting thoughts to pass through your head. I love stargazing and if it wasn’t for the fact that I fear being eaten by a mountain lion I would spend every night out there, just philosophsing about me versus the universe and life on planet Earth in general…

Happy enough to call this place my home again. The Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch, 10 minutes north west of Golden, BC. I spent about a month here last fall and totally fell in love with the place, like basically everyone else that has passed through over the years. It’s a magical piece of property, surrounded by beautiful mountains in almost every direction. I sleep in a screened in porch on one end of the house in the photo below. No electricity there, so I light the room with candles and fall asleep with my eyes resting on the mountain peaks, while listening to the sound of the nearby river flowing by.

Tomorrow I will get on the bike and explore some more of the tracks up along the river delta. I love my life.

Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch

Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch vs The Milkyway

A first-timer in the Caribbean

After Villa de Leyva I river rafted and cliff jumped my way north until the day I finally stood with sand between my toes again in a part of the world I’d long wanted to visit, gazing out over the Caribbean Sea.

The trip out to the coast turned out way smoother and faster than expected, and once I got out of the over-air-conditioned bus in Santa Marta I instantly caught myself thinking how terribly hot it was. At 7 am in the morning. Acclimatization, phase one…

More or less instantly I took off to the more chillaxed former fishing village of Taganga, where I enjoyed a few days of diving, making new friends, bumping into old ones, and dancing my way through the tropical nights. Standing under the stars on a rooftop with a good drink in your hand, surrounded by people you like, while the ocean breeze works its way through your hair undeniably is a pretty awesome feeling.


Another almost mandatory thing to do in the area is the coastal hike out to Playa el Cabo in Tayrona National Park. I’m no fan of “mandatory” places to visit; I prefer to go wherever the wind carries me or just base my next destination on my mood for the day. But the one who says Tayrona isn’t beautiful and well worth the effort would be slightly delusional. At the same time I probably shouldn’t take for granted that everybody’s into amazing uninhabited Caribbean beaches, and sleeping in hammocks with mind-blowing views when you wake up. But for now I will.

IMG_1899 IMG_1800 - Kopia IMG_1898 IMG_1650 IMG_1779

Over and out.