Leaving Barcelona

After one rainy but great last night in Barcelona, drinking Sangria with new found friends until the early morning hours, I packed my backpack and left the pickpocket capital of Europe behind. Pockets intact.

One week in Spain quickly turned into two, then four, then suddenly two months. Time will probably never be enough, and that’s why we need to make the most out of it. Thanks for this time Spain, the memories, the climbing, the wine, the tapas.. it’s been beyond fabulous.

Off to see what France and Italy have to offer.

La Sagrada Familia

Seducing feathers

Last week I was helping out at a local tourist activity center in Costa Blanca, Spain. One morning when I went to feed the animals this colorful guy pulled off an extended show to impress his one and only lady. While she didn’t really seem to give a shit and rather focused on her breakfast, I partly died from fascination. I’ve seen peacocks before but never from such a close up perspective. His feathers were litterally in my face but he acted as if I didn’t excist, a photographer’s dream.

PeacockNature is genius. Over and out.

Rock Climbing Under A Spanish Sky

Back to civilization after spending one magical week in El Chorro, one of Spain’s and southern Europe’s biggest rock climbing meccas. Great people, good food, amazing views and some fantastic climbing. Pushed myself into new levels and can’t wait till the next time I’ll be fighting gravity in great company, wherever that’ll be. I’ll let this photo of my temporary casa for the week sum it all up.

El Chorro

Greetings from Spain

Last week some sudden change of plans took me from chilly Scandinavia to the south of Spain. And what can I say? Andalucía is beautiful. So far it’s been both culturally and environmentally satisfying and beyond my expectations. I’m among great people, drink too much wine, sleep like a princess and eat like a queen. Think I’ll stick around for a while.