Would You Wanna Read My Book?

A while back I got nominated for a Swedish Travel Photography Blog Award. A massive Thank You to everyone who voted for me in the past few weeks, it made the jury acknowledge my blog and select me to the final round. Wow.

Now my darlings, it’s only me against 9 others. If you honestly think I deserve a chance to snag the trophy, then feel more than free to vote for me.

I might never have mentioned it before, but whoever wins will get to PUBLISH a fricken book based on their own stories and photographs that will be available internationally. I’d kinda like the idea of that somebody to be me, to say the least. What a wonderful creative experience it would be.

The voting page is still in Swedish, but this time all you need to do upon following this link, is to;

1. Check off my blog (Wanderlust) in the greyish box,     2Fill in your email and,     3. Confirm that you’re a real person by clicking the link in the email that will be sent to your inbox (could possibly end up in your junk mail too). All in all it’ll take you approximately 30 seconds.


Travel Blog Awards 2013!
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