For The Love Of Street Food

Some people fear it, I love it. If the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, I’ve got my heart split between hundreds of street vendors in random town squares, city streets and side alleys all over the globe by now.

León, Nicaragua.

I love street food. The best way to experience the true flavours of each corner of the world.jpg

Sunset Surfers in Peru

Got across this photo as I was going through the mess on my hard drive a few days ago. It’s over a year ago since I sat on that beach in Huanchaco, sipping beer with my new found friend Lovisa, watching surfers play around on the last few waves as day light was fading. I was yet only a couple a weeks in on what was gonna become one of the longest trips in my life. Free, young and excited.


The truth about travelers

Beautiful true words from a fellow nomad that I have yet to meet. It might bring some clarity for you who still wonder what goes on the mind of us who wander.

infinite satori

Press play first.

_DSC7058 copy

We have been called many things. Travelers, by default. But we like to be called nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Modern gypsies. Wanderers. We’ve adopted them all. A growing breed of humans with restless feet and the inability to stay still, the inability to stay in one place.

That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it.

We come from all walks of life, from bustling gray colored cities, sleepy beach towns, snow-covered metropolises, small villages nestled in between lush green mountains, we come from everywhere. But our inner gravity always brings us to the same place… the road.

We deem courage weighs more than money when it comes to travel. We’re not rich, not financially well-off and we don’t travel for luxury. Our money does not come from rich parents, trust funds, or whatever privileges you think we have in order to maintain…

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