Dear Italy, you had me at Ciao

Wow, time has been flying. I moved north from Barcelona and spent about a week in France before I entered one of those countries I’d long wanted to visit, and oh Italy, you have seduced me rapidly.

It’s not my style to travel fast but that is what it feels like I have been doing the last couple of weeks. Constantly on a move. Not because the south of Europe hasn’t interested me (not at all!!!) but because of a secret date in the centre of Europe that I’d known about for a few months… ;) Only three days away now. I’m excited.

But for now, from me to you, dear all – some Italian eye candy…


Greetings from Spain

Last week some sudden change of plans took me from chilly Scandinavia to the south of Spain. And what can I say? Andalucía is beautiful. So far it’s been both culturally and environmentally satisfying and beyond my expectations. I’m among great people, drink too much wine, sleep like a princess and eat like a queen. Think I’ll stick around for a while.